The traditional Post Natal Jamu Massage originates from Indonesia in the 17th Century. Using all natural traditional herbs and massage treatment, it restores the wellbeing and strength of new mothers. The knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation, and due to it's amazing benefits to women who have just given birth, it is now a popular treatment in Southeast Asia and around the world.
Abdominal binding follows the jamu post natal massage.  It is essentially a very long cotton cloth wrapped from the pelvis to the stomach area to help reduce water retension and get your pre-baby figure back fast.  The treatment uses all natural ingredients.
60 mins session with Jamu & Traditional Cloth Wrapping.
(No wrapping on the last day)
Can be done 3 days after normal delivery or 14 days after C-section.
   7-Day session    $580
 10-Day session    $800
Transport charges varies depending on location.